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Life is filled with joys and sorrows, good times and bad. We are much more than a community, we are a family. In each life a rough patch is bound to happen; By coming together and standing by each other we can navigate through any rough road. It is for this reason the "Angels Without Faces” foundation was formed.

 "Angels Without Faces" provides emergency financial assistance to families and individuals who have experienced hardships. Funds are  raised through  various activities including golf outings, dinners, dances and  other  community events which focus not only on financing but also to  increase awareness  and remind all of us all that we are one community.
 "Angels With Out Faces" - Anonymously Given, Anonymously Received.
Helping our Community, One Family at a Time.

People helping People.

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Help Support the Colella Family

RIP Chris Colella

Chris is a man who needs no introduction. His smile lights up rooms. The energy and enthusiasm Chris shows over even the smallest of things is extraordinary. A man who would do anything for his family and friends. Help us celebrate the brightest light to ever grace this earth.

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Thank you for making the
2015 Golf Fundraiser a Success!

The weather was great for "The Angels" annual golf fundraiser at the Landing Ave Golf Club. Our most sincere gratitude to all  our volunteers and supporter for making this sold out event even more successful than ever.

Please help support those businesses who support our community! 

The Faceless Angel
A thank you from one of our family members:


PRAY that there is ALWAYS a light on their path.

 PRAY that they ALWAYS have the Love, the support, and the prayers of those that they meet on their journey.

PRAY that they understand how deeply they touched our lives.

PRAY that they understand that the generosity and the beauty of their actions allows us to teach our children how to "pay it forward" so that they may lead "Beyond You" lives.

PRAY that they accept our gratitude ;

for it is ALWAYS in giving that we all receive.

Thank you for the beautiful gift.

Thank You Notes:


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Newspaper Reports!
Local Newspapers Report on Angel Without Faces Happenings!

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1/23/2010 Holiday Adopt a Family

2/12/2010 Community Service

6/24/2010 AWOF Organization

8/5/2010 Golf Outing

11/14/2010 Texas Hold'em Fundraiser

12/30/2010 Angels Organization of the Year

6/17/2011 Swing For A Cure

8/4/2011 Golf Outing

11/17/2011 Angels Poker

7/27/2012 Angels Golf Outing

9/3/2013 Rotary Club Breakfast

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For more information on how you can help or if you are a member of our community  in need of help, please contact Angels Without Faces at